Ashless dispersant additive mineral piston engine oils

We market a range of five ashless dispersant additive mineral oils; three single viscosity grades and two multi-viscosity grades.

All the grades are blended from high quality, high viscosity, solvent refined, de-waxed paraffinic lubricating oil base stocks. They contain an ashless dispersant additive which leaves no metallic ash residues which could cause combustion chamber deposits and a tendency towards pre-ignition.

Our Multigrade Aero Oils contain, in addition, a shear stable viscosity index improver which enables them to combine the viscosity level of an SAE 15/25 grade oil at cold temperatures, while retaining all the lubrication performance of an SAE 50/60 grade oil at normal engine operating temperatures.

Aviation Engine Oils

Mineral oils for aviation piston engines. These products are blended from carefully selected, highly refined base stocks. By paying scrupulous attention to stringent quality control requirements and procedures during manufacture and distribution.

Straight Mineral Piston Engine Oils

The straight mineral grades are available for those users requiring high quality oils of proven performance without ashless dispersant additive. They are produced from highly refined petroleum base stocks. The only additives present are a pour depressant for improved fluidity at low temperatures and an antioxidant for stability at high temperatures.


Aviation Oil 80
Aviation Oil 100
Aero Oil D80
Aero Oil D100
Multigrade 15/50

Hydralic Fluid

Our Aero Oil Hydraulic 1F is a low viscosity, low pour point petroleum base oil, blended with a viscosity index improver, an oxidation inhibitor and up to 0.5% of triaryl phosphate of the 'non-toxic' type as an ant-wear agent.

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